Cheese Boards & Buffets

At Tastes Delicatessen we have a mouth-watering selection of cheeses and wide assortment of wonderful foods, which are perfect for drinks parties or buffets. There is a lot to choose from and we have listed here some of our most popular "party" foods.


We can offer a superb selection of roasted nuts, Italian breadsticks, snack crackers, dips, hand baked crisps etc and can supply these in returnable serving dishes if required.

Cheese Boards

Our deli counter contains a wide range of wonderful cheeses, mainly British, along with excellent quality artisan cheeses from around the world. We can put together a selection of cheeses for any occasion: a dinner party for 6, a wine tasting for 20, or an exhibition for 300. The cheeses can form the appetiser or grande finale to a meal or as part of a buffet. We can also supply cheese wedding "cakes".

We will work with you to select cheeses suitable for your event, creating an appetising selection balanced with freshly baked breads, crackers and oat cakes.

Cheese board prices start at around £3 per head.


A lot of the produce sold in the deli is suitable for buffets and we can even create the buffet for you, leaving you to simply put the plates on the table and remove the cling film. Typically our buffets consist of bowls of olives, platters of cured and smoked meats, chorizo and salami, baskets of freshly baked artisan breads, crisps, nuts, dips, breadsticks and crudités. You can supply your own crockery, which we will fill with your buffet items, or you can borrow crockery from us. Buffet prices start at £6 per head.

If you would like to create your own buffet, we can supply a fantastic range of suitable items, many of which are hand made. There are lots of fabulous items available throughout the week in our shop. Many more products are available on a pre-order basis. The range available is growing all the time so if there is something you would like, which you are not sure we have, please do ask. Even if we can't supply it, we might know who can. Here are some buffet ideas:

Cheese – Whole cheeses, or wedges to suit the size of your event, from a range of more than three hundred different cheeses.

Meats and Fish - English honey roast ham, Spanish serrano ham, chorizo, salami, smoked salmon, smoked chicken, smoked duck, smoked trout and smoked prawns, not forgetting our fantastic smoked salmon pâté. We can supply whole hams (English and Serrano) and larger tubs of pâté if ordered in advance.

Pies and Savouries – Individual pork pies, scotch eggs, vegetable samosa and a variety of quiche. Sharing sized pork pies (1.8kg and 3.2kg) which can be personalised and quiche (8" and 6") are also available to order, along with a variety of other hot and cold savoury pies and tarts (including some suitable for vegans).

Crackers – A range of more than twenty different varieties of crackes are available in the shops and fantastic value catering boxes are available to order.

Chutney, Pickle & Relish – More than thirty varieties available in the shop (some in our online shop), many also available in large catering packs, or individual single-serve jars.

Bread – From sliced bread, to rolls in a variety of shapes and sizes, to specialist loaves with cheese, tomoto, olives etc.

Butter – Giant catering tubs or individual 7g butter pats available to order.

Olives & Antipasti – Choose from our ever-changing selection or pre-order your favourite. Pitted or stone-in olives, peppers stuffed with cheese, vine leaves filled with rice, char grilled vegetables etc.

Breadsticks, Nuts, Crisps, Chilli Puffs, Goldfish Crackers, Roasted Broad beans, Blue Corn Chips etc – You can see the small packs in our online shop. Some items are also available to order in catering packs.

Dips, Spreads & Salads - Organic houmous, carrot houmous, coleslaw, salsa, guacamole, tzatsiki, potato salad, pesto, olive tapenade.

Cheesecakes, Loaf Cakes, Round Cakes, Tarts, Flans, Pies, Puddings & Crumbles – Huge variety available to order. Please contact us for details.

Confectionery – Our traditional sweets are also available in 3kg jars perfect for a sweetie bar: sugared almonds, aniseed balls, gobstoppers, rhubarb & custard, kola cubes, jelly babies, jelly beans, wine gums, pontefract cakes, pineapple chunks, sherbet fruits, humbugs, mint imperials, treacle toffee...

We can also supply personalised birthday cakes and giant pork pies, and can personalise miniature jars of chutney or jam (perfect for wedding favours).

The notice required for advance order items varies by product, almost everything can be supplied within two weeks, some items next day. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

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Cheese Wedding Cakes

At Tastes, we can create a cheese wedding cake especially for you, taking into account your tastes, budget and guest list, or you can choose from the selection on our web site:

Cheese Wedding Cakes