❄ Christmas ❄

Tastes Delicatessen sells a wonderful range of gifts for the foodie in your life. From handmade preserves for the connoisseur, to exotic spice blends for the experimental chef. You'll find plenty of gifts throughout the shop, most of which can be combined in a gift box or hamper to make them even more special. If you would like to combine any items in our shop into a gift box, please contact us and we will happily make one to meet your requirements.

We've also all the essentials for your festive meals. From fresh locally-reared turkey, four different cranberry sauces, goose fat for your roasties, and incredible Christmas puddings, mince pies and cakes, to cheese, smoked meats and fish, chutney and pickled onions. Read about our visit to the turkey farm on our blog.

Fresh and fragile items are only available to buy in our shop in Eton, although they can be reserved in advance by telephone or email. Please place your order as soon as possible as some items may not be available to us unless ordered before 4th December. Turkeys are only available if ordered in advance (and not all sizes will be available after 11th December). We also take orders for whole cheeses and portions of cheese, breads, fruit and vegetable, bacon etc. If you can't see what you want, please contact us.

Fresh Free-Range Bronze Walters Turkey

Fresh Turkey Delicious whole turkey with plenty of juicy meat and a rich traditional flavour. All Walters Turkeys are dry plucked and hand finished on the family farm in Berkshire. Boxed with vacuum packed giblets, rosemary, cooking instructions and a pop-up timer. Whole fresh turkeys are available to order in half-kilo weight categories from 5kg upwards. For example 5-5.5kg, 5.5-6kg, 6-6.5kg. You will be charged for the exact weight of the turkey you receive. As a guide, we recommend half a kilo per person.
Free-Range Bronze £13.75 per kg - Free-Range Organic £17.96 per kg

Fresh Free-Range Walters Turkey Crown

Walters Turkey Stockist Turkey crowns are perfect for smaller gatherings. The crown is a whole turkey on the bone with the wings, but the legs are removed. It is supplied with vacuum packed giblets, fresh rosemary, cooking instructions and a pop-up timer. The small (3-4kg) crown will feed 9-12 people depending on their appetite and requirements for boxing day left overs, medium (4-5kg) feeds 12-15, and large (5-6kg) feeds 16-18. We recommend allowing 1/3 kg per person. You will be charged for the exact weight of the crown you receive.
Free-Range Bronze £18.32 per kg - Free-Range Organic £22.84 per kg

Fresh Free-Range Walters Turkey Breast Roasts

Walters Turkey Stockist A boneless joint comprising white breast meat only. Smaller, quicker to cook and easier to carve. Boxed with rosemary, cooking instructions & pop-up timer. We recommend allowing 1/4 kg per person. Available in small (2.5-3kg, 10-12 portions), medium (3-4kg, 13-16 portions) and large (4-5kg, 17-20 portions).
Free-Range Bronze £22.22 per kg - Free-Range Organic £24.46 per kg

Dublicious Miniature Mince Pies

Miniature Mince Pies Award winning mince pies. Handmade sweet & crumbly vanilla pastry filled with sultanas, currents, raisins, cherries, cranberries, apricots, toasted nuts, spices, and with a dash of Christmas spirit. Dusted with Christmas sherbet.
Box of 18 miniature mince pies £12

Fresh W. G. White Caviar

Caviar Fresh, sustainably sourced caviar from the first and oldest caviar house in the UK.
Malossal caviar - from the Siberian sturgeon, consistently high quality with a marked and well rounded flavour.
Oscietra caviar - one of the most refined and popular variants around, with firm golden and dark brown eggs.
Beluga caviar - the most prestigious caviar, rare and considerably sized eggs.
30g Malossol £54.95 / Royal Oscietra £62.95 / Beluga £129.95
50g Malossol £86.95 / Royal Oscietra £96.95 / Beluga £209.95
100g Malossol £164.95 / Royal Oscietra £189.95 / Beluga £405.95


By the time we close the shop on Christmas Eve there will be very little cheese left, so we encourage our customers to order in advance. This year our cheese selection will include: Barkham Blue (£3.20 per 100g), Waterloo (£2.70 per 100g), Wigmore (£3.20 per 100g), Spenwood (£3.80 per 100g), Isle of Wight Blue (200g, £6.99 each) and Isle of Wight Soft (200g, £6.99 each), Colston Bassett Stilton (£2.20 per 100g) and whole Baby Stiltons (2.2kg, also £2.20 per 100g), Isle of Mull Cheddar cloth bound truckles (400g, £14.99 each), Keen's Cheddar (£2 per 100g), Snowdonia Cheddar (£1.70 per 100g), Farleigh Wallop Goat's Cheese (210g, £7.99 each), Little Wallop Goat's Cheese (115g, £6.50 each), White Nancy Goats Cheese (£3.80 per 100g), Caws Cenarth Golden Cenarth (200g, £6.99 each) and Perl Wen (200g, £5.99 each), Le Vacherin Mont d'Or (500g, £13.99 each and 750g, £18.99 each), Tilly Whim (200g, £7.99 each), waxed truckles of Snowdonia cheeses (200g, £4.50 each) and Caerffili & Cranberry "Pudding" Cheese (200g, £5.99 each). Cheeses with a weight shown are sold as whole cheeses, all others can be cut to whatever size you require. We recommend 70-100g of cheese per person for a cheeseboard. Many artisan cheeses are in limited supply at this time of year. Once we have orders for our allocation we me be unable to obtain any more.


Cheese Wedding Cakes

At Tastes, we can create a cheese wedding cake especially for you, taking into account your tastes, budget and guest list, or you can choose from the selection on our web site:

Cheese Wedding Cakes