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Colombia is a coffee heavyweight producing around 11 million bags per year. This volume places it third globally behind Vietnam and Brazil in total production. For this reason Colombia is often intimately associated with coffee by consumers. Colombia's coffee production is extremely unique in that it has no easily definable harvest season. The two mountain ranges that run north to south across the length of the country are used as the defining boarders between regions. This physical division creates individual microclimates that drastically impact the seasons of the coffee trees and result in an origin that is harvesting 365 days a year.

For specialty purposes there are five well established regions: Huila, Cauca, Tolima, Narinio & Antioquia. These regions are also some of the largest in the country by size and coffee production, with Huila being the largest and Antioquia following closely behind. Huila is by far the best known for high-end coffees but increasingly exporters and traders are looking into less established regions to find new and exciting coffees. The size of these regions also means extremely diverse microclimates and flavour profiles can be found in a single region.

Acevedo's owner is Omar Cardenas Benavides. He is in his 40's and lives with his wife and 4 children who range in age from 16-25 years old. He has been working with coffee his whole life and fondly remembers helping his parents pick cherries when he was a young boy. He started out on his 12 hectare farm with just 2500 Caturra trees. He now has 55000 trees in total and a mixture of Colombia and Caturra varieties. He says his investment in measuring sugar content through a Brix Meter has made the greatest improvement to his coffee. Omar prides himself on the sweetness of his coffee! This lot is named after the village where Omar lives because he believes that his community is what makes him strong.

Using only a wet fermentation for 22-24 hours then drying in a parabolic tent on raised beds. Drying takes 18-20 days.

Size: 227g

Ingredients: Coffee beans.

Allergy Information: No Gluten, No Wheat, No Dairy, No Meat, No Nuts, No Celery, No Onion, No Fish/Crustacean, No Egg, No Soy, No Mustard, No Sesame, No Sulphur Dioxide, No Yeast included in the listed ingredients.
Suitable for Vegetarians. Suitable for Vegans.

Made in Columbia.

Produced by Coaltown Coffee Roasters.

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