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This fabulous gift pack chock-a-block with some of our favourite award-winning, best-selling products makes the ideal stocking filler, “Happy Birthday” or “thank you” pressie. Why not introduce your friends and family to your favourite products now?

Size: 280g


Robust Wholegrain Mustard (25g): Ingredients: cider vinegar, mustard seed (29%), water, sea salt, black peppercorns, allspice, chillies. Nutritional info per 100g: energy 617kj/148kcal, fat 8.3g, of which saturates 0.4g, carbohydrate 6.2g, of which sugars 4.3g, fibre 4.3g, protein 8.5g, salt 2.5g.

Caramelised Onion Marmalade (28g): Ingredients: onions (46%), raw cane sugar, citrus pectin, spiced vinegar (cider vinegar, cinnamon, cloves, ginger), concentrated redcurrant juice, extra virgin olive oil, concentrated lemon juice. Nutritional info per 100g: energy 1193kj/282kcal, fat 1.2g, of which saturates 0.2g, carbohydrate 65.6g, of which sugars 64.2g, fibre 1.7g, protein 0.8g, salt 0.1g.

Cranberry, Port & Orange Sauce (28g): Ingredients: raw cane sugar, cranberries (22%), gelling agent: citrus pectin, cider vinegar, port (2%), concentrated lemon juice, orange zest, concentrated orange juice. Nutritional info per 100g: energy 965kj/227kcal, fat 0.0g, of which saturates 0.0g, carbohydrate 55.6g, of which sugars 55.3g, fibre 1.1g, protein 0.2g, salt 0.2g

Smooth Dijon Mustard (25g): Ingredients: water, mustard seed (31%), spirit vinegar, salt, citric acid. Nutritional info per 100g: energy 678kj/162kcal, fat 12.0g, of which saturates 0.8g, carbohydrate 3.0g, of which sugars 1.8g, fibre 3.5g, protein 7.5g, salt 5.6g. MADE IN FRANCE.

Fresh Chilli Jam (28g): chilli & red pepper relish. Ingredients: raw cane sugar, red chillies (19%), red peppers (19%), cider vinegar, onions, garlic, concentrated lemon juice, sea salt. Nutritional info per 100g: energy 796kj/187kcal, fat 0.2g, of which saturates 0.0g, carbohydrate 44.5g, of which sugars 44.0g, fibre 0.9g, protein 0.9g, salt 0.2g.

Strong Horseradish Cream (25g): Ingredients: horseradish root (49%), sunflower oil, cream [milk] (11%), spirit vinegar, mustard flour, raw cane sugar, sea salt, preservative: e223 [sulphites]. Nutritional info per 100g: energy 1236kj/299kcal, fat 26.5g, of which saturates 4.1g, carbohydrate 7.5g, of which sugars 5.5g, fibre 4.9g, protein 4.3g, salt 0.6g.

Strong English Mustard (25g): Ingredients: mustard flour (39%), water, cider vinegar, sea salt, concentrated lemon juice, raw cane sugar, turmeric. Nutritional info per 100g: energy 838kj/201kcal, fat 11.4g, of which saturates 0.6g, carbohydrate 9.7g, of which sugars 7.1g, fibre 6.0g, protein 11.5g, salt 6.3g.

Apricot & Ginger Chutney (28g): Ingredients: apricots (33%), bramley apples, cider vinegar, raw cane sugar, sultanas, ginger (3%), sea salt, garlic, chillies. Nutritional info per 100g: energy 1050kj/248kcal, fat 0.3g, of which saturates 0.0g, carbohydrate 56.7g, of which sugars 55.8g, fibre 3.2g, protein 1.7g, salt 1.9g.

Sticky Fig Relish (28g): Ingredients: figs (42%) (figs, rice flour), spiced vinegar (cider vinegar, cloves, allspice, black peppercorns, cinnamon), water, muscovado sugar, raw cane sugar, chillies, cinnamon. Nutritional info per 100g:energy 1130kj/267kcal, fat 1.4g, of which saturates 0.1g, carbohydrate 59.1g, of which sugars 51.6g, fibre 3.2g, protein 1.1g, salt 0.06g.. **= Demeter


Suitable for Vegetarians. Made in England.
Produced by Tracklements.

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Produced by Tracklements.

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