Special Diets

Tastes Delicatessen sells a large variety of products suitable for those with restricted diets, allergies or intolerances, but you won't find a set of shelves dedicated to them. Nor will you find any suspiciously shiny pastries, or cakes as heavy as house bricks. All the products in the shop are there on merit. The wheat free biscuits for example are not in stock because they are wheat free, they are on sale because they taste great. They just happen to be wheat free and there is no reason to hide them away from those without a wheat intolerance. The wheat free biscuits are right next to the ones with wheat in and can be enjoyed even by those not intolerant to wheat.

Within our online shop we have marked items that do not contain specific ingredients, enabling you to use the search feature (see below) to find items suitable for a particular diet. If your requirements are not covered here, please contact us. We have a thorough knowledge of our products, stock a lot more than is shown on this site, and will do our best to help you.

Gluten Free

You can see a full list of all the gluten free items available in the online deli, or can use the advanced search to find gluten free items in a particular category. To do this you need to enter "No Gluten" as the keyword to search for and then choose a category.

For example to find gluten free puddings, cakes and biscuit type "No Gluten" (including the quotation marks) in the search terms box and select Puddings, Cakes and Biscuits from the category drop down. Then click on search.

Dairy Free

You can see a full list of all the dairy free items available in the online deli, or can use the advanced search to find dairy free items in a particular category. To do this you need to enter "No Dairy" as the keyword to search for, then choose a category and click on search.

Vegetarian and Vegan

We have marked items that do not contain meat nor ingredients such as animal rennet, cochineal or gelatine as containing "No Meat". These items may contain other animal products such as dairy (milk, butter, cream etc) or eggs and may contain fish or seafood. Items which do not contain fish or seafood are marked as containing "No Fish/Crustacean". Products which do not contain any meat nor fish are marked as "Suitable for Vegetarians". Products which are suitable for vegetarians and do not contain any animal products such as dairy produce and eggs are marked as "Suitable for Vegans". We hope that having lots of options doesn't make it too confusing and enables you to find suitable products.

You can also look for combinations such as items that are Vegetarian and Dairy Free (but might contain eggs or honey so not strictly Vegan), using "Suitable for Vegetarians" AND "No Dairy".

Combined Searches

If you would like to search for a combination of ingredients you can enter these in the keywords box. For example to find gluten and dairy free items enter "No Gluten" AND "No Dairy" (including the quotation marks).

Searches Available

At the moment you are able to search for the following (enter the text exactly as it appears here into the search terms box). After discussions with customers who suffer from food allergies and intolerances we have taken the decision to mark items as being free from an ingredient if that ingredient is not listed in the product's ingredients. So for example if a product has no nuts listed in the ingredients this will be marked as "No Nuts". It may however, have been made in a kitchen which handles nuts and come with the disclaimer "May contain nuts". If you have a particular concern about the ingredients in any product please contact us and we will happily check for you, contact the producer if necessary or send you a copy of the current product label.

You should always read the label before consuming the product and never rely solely on the information presented on this web site.

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Cheese Wedding Cakes

At Tastes, we can create a cheese wedding cake especially for you, taking into account your tastes, budget and guest list, or you can choose from the selection on our web site:

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