Birch Syrup from Europe (Early)

From Vana Voru

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Early birch syrup is ideal on pancakes, porridge, or anywhere you might use honey or maple syrup. It also enhances a good chocolate or fudge sauce and make a very nice pannacotta. It is delicate and sweet, with an intriguing woody, molasses, caramel, liquorice like flavour. Awarded a gold star at the Great Taste Awards 2014.

Birch syrup is made in much the same way as maple syrup; rising sap is extracted from the trees in the spring and converted into a syrup using a process of evaporation and reverse osmosis to remove the water. It takes around 120 litres of birch sap to create each litre of birch syrup (far far more than with maple syrup which requires only 30-40 litres) and the sap can only be collected for a few weeks each spring, when the birch trees are using sugar to produce new leaves. We believe Vana Voru to be Europe's only commercial producer of Birch Syrup and Tastes Deli the first shop in the UK to sell it online. Ross manages his Estonian forest sustainably and uses ancient techniques to produce this delicious sugar syrup.

The flavour of the syrup changes depending on when in the (three week long) season the sap is collected. This early birch syrup is collected during the first week, and has the most delicate flavour. We also sell syrup extracted later in the season which is used more like a savoury condiment. Find out more about Vana Voru Birch Syrup on our blog.

Glynn Purnell used birch syrup on BBC television's Saturday Kitchen, to make Guinea fowl Maryland. Our regular customers rave about how they are using it in cocktails, especially with gin! Ross recommends 5 capers with a teaspoon of caper vinegar, a teaspoon of birch syrup and topping the glass up with frozen gin.

Size: 200ml

Ingredients: Birch syrup

Allergy Information: No Gluten, No Wheat, No Dairy, No Meat, No Nuts, No Celery, No Onion, No Fish/Crustacean, No Egg, No Soy, No Mustard, No Sesame, No Sulphur Dioxide, No Yeast included in the listed ingredients.
Suitable for Vegetarians. Suitable for Vegans.

Made in Estonia.
Produced by Vana Voru.

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Produced by Vana Voru.

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