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A classic Italian Christmas speciality, panettone is a light, aromatic leavened dough with butter, eggs, sultanas and candied citrus peels.

Fabiano Flamini bakes these panettone in batches of 85 cakes. He says it took him five years to learn to make a consistently good panettone, without industrial ingredients such as mono-diglycerides, lecithin and glucose syrup, used in industrial cake production to moisten and preserve cake dough.

The wildflower honey Fabiano uses is from the Semproniano beekeeper. He also buys the best candied fruits, which have not been treated with sulphur dioxide, and uses fresh free range eggs.

Seggiano panettone may not be as moist and spongy as your average supermarket panettone, but this is the price of a dough which isn't saturated with glucose syrup. It's the best non-industrial, genuine classic panettone which we have found.

Panettone is enjoyed in the Italian culture, accompanied with a glass of spumante or dessert wine. It is also exceptionally good lightly toasted for breakfast with a good coffee and of course, at tea time. We have been told that it is brilliant for making bread and butter pudding, if you have any left over, that is.

Size: 500g

Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter, sugar, sultanas, candied fruit peels (orange and citron peels, glucose syrup, sugar), egg yolk from fresh free range eggs, wildflower honey, salt, natural flavourings. Leavened using a mother dough (wheat flour and water).

Suitable for Vegetarians.

Produced for Seggiano.
Made in Italy.
Produced by Seggiano.

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Produced by Seggiano.

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